What does a Business Development Executive do?

As like software needs programmer to develop, factory needs worker to grow like that business entirely need something else. Yes its needs a business development executive which helps business to grow and to generate revenue.

As a Business Development Executive (BDE) you are expected to sell products and services of a company to its prospective customers and also to make business strategy to generate revenue. Also as a BDE a person need to think upon building new client, and simultaneously to ensure relationship management with his/her existing clients. To make business proposal which draw client attraction, while interacting you have to be ready with facts and figure what you are going to offers to your clients and how your product is going to help him and with keeping in mind that you are not only one who offering him, there are many also like you may be offering same type of product & services of his own company which serve client needs in same way. So you need to provide a Competitive Quotation which gives your organizational profit as well.

Apart from this as a BDE you simply need to follow these strategies:-

  • To identify your target/Clients in terms of your products and services
  • To continuously building new clients and to ensure a relationship with existing clients
  • To make business proposal which draw client attraction
  • And most important, To follow new strategies time to time

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