Life Without Gadget Can be Miserable.

We cannot think of a day without GADGETS. The Day Begins with a Digital Alarm Clock, And Throughout the day we depend on lots of Gadgets like Washing Machine, Television, Computers, Cellphones(Smartphones), Etc.


It is very difficult to live without today’s lifestyle habits without a contemporary gadget. Now look at it very deeply and understand it. When considering a lifestyle without a modern gadget, there are many things to look at the surface, but without modern technology, I forgot the beauty and simplicity. Today’s technology is really good but brought people a level of convenience that people forget about our simplicity.

Everyone knows that time is very precious in my life, so everyone wants to achieve things in a very short time. There is a good quotation “Stitch time saves nine”, this means that if you make something in time, you can do 10 things when you save. Keeping the same perspective, scientists and engineers have developed many new gadgets to save a lot of time.

Modern Gadgets have made us slaves

The current time is basically the time of the gadgets. Everything from small needles to advanced space technologies is achieved by countless complex machines. The modern world has made us slaves of machines. It’s all about how modern people are currently engaged in gadgets. But addiction to the gadget has increased the disease. There is no work that can not be done without the help of the machine. There is not a single human activity that does not require the use of a machine. No one has objected to the fact that gadgets have become more comfortable and luxurious as well as simplifying our lives. In a contradictory way, human dependence on such gadgets has greatly increased so that physical activity decreases, obesity, immunodeficiency, and illness appear. People today are not as strong as the past. Because every person is light and there is little stamina because of the machine we use every day.

Technology and Modern gadgets

Regardless of whether we like it or not, household appliances and gizmos were an important part of our daily lives. They were invented to make our life better. It is the fact that many gizmos have an adverse effect on the quality of our lives. We are in the era of technology and they are extremely necessary because in this modern world we can not live without them. Well, the time has come to find ways to reduce the adverse effects of these latest devices. There are lots of gizmos like TV, computer etc.

Implications of Gadgets on teenagers

Today, children are immersed in contemporary gadgets that tend to forget life! Not only that, but working people also becoming lazy day by day, they all are dependent on Gizmos for their work.
People are now very busy using modern gizmos, even while traveling. Children are becoming aggressive by playing action games on modern gizmos. They also become lazy by not playing outdoor games instead of playing on computers and smartphones.


Dependence on modern gadgets is a serious problem that needs to be solved. Gadgets and technology are familiar to us, but we need to use it moderately for the younger generation. Otherwise, it is not just about interacting with each other using technologies and gadgets. It will make us slaves to the machines.

Imagine if you have to spend your whole day without mobile, laptop, iPod, Google, Facebook and all other stuff on the Internet, How hard it would be for someone to do that?

Imagine living in the era of 1970s when there was no Mobile, Internet, Laptop and all other mentioned stuff. Telling your friends about the next day plan was not that easy. Preparing notes by searching for something on Google or Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia) was not there for people of that era. You are traveling and want to listen to music, forget it,  not even the walkmans were introduced at that time and you can’t carry that bulky transistor radio with you all the time.

So my point is Are we becoming overdependent on technology ??

Is Technology proving to be a GOOD SERVANT OR BAD MASTER ??

That is up to you to decide whether you want to be MASTER OF GOOD SERVANT or SERVANT OF BAD MASTER.


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