How to increase Facebook page likes and followers

increase facebook page likes and followers!

How to increase Facebook page likes and followers

You want to grow your market if yes, then the Social platform is the best place for you. In social media channel, you interact may peoples directly, your post, image, and links leave the impression on them. Marketing research says 60%-70% visitors comes to your business through the social platform.

So, today I explain How to increase Facebook page likes and followers. Suppose you have a very good content on your blog or you have a product and you promoted on Facebook and it reaches 2000 people and in this number 200 people can visit your blog or explore about your product. Facebook market expend day by day because in this world each and every person connected with each other, either directly or indirectly

Use Images

Images play an amazing role in attracting the visitors to your facebook page.

Use Image on creative contents. it can still be a great way to increase engagement and reach on page and posts. Suppose you design a great and creative poster that leave some thoughtful message on visitors the surely you will get likes above from your expectation.

Connect with Others Pages

Like others pages in your niche and regularly leave a thoughtful comment on others people posts and make sure you are a commenting, as your page rather than your personal profile.

If you write a blog about foods and cooking then you should search a facebook page for cooking and food recipes and like comment on that page post. People know about your page and blog.

Promote Facebook Page

Join different facebook groups and promote your page to them but keep one thing always choose facebook group in your niche and share other social platforms also like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Post multiple images

engage your audience with multiple images posting. Multiple images help to get more audience. visitors engage with every image. they curiously find whats coming next. A group of the image that contains relevant content makes you visitors come again to your page.


Tag others pages in your posts, when you tag other pages your post appear on their wall and may attract those pages owner and their fans as well. With tagging to other page people know about your page also they at least visit your Facebook page and like your page as well if you have a great post with quality.

Post Regularly

If you want peoples to visit your page and like, you need to create a great content on regular basis and content must be relevant and useful. Content is king if you have great content but you are not posting to any of social platform then how the audience knows about your page or blog.

Display your facebook page to your blog

You have to Reference your facebook page on your blog. when audience visits your blog then it is important to have facebook page widget where the user directly like the pages.

PIN Top-Performing Post

If you have a post that is gaining a huge number of likes and shares Pin it on the facebook page. when you pin a post,  it remains at the top of your page, so when people visit your Facebook page they see it before any of your other posts.

you can change you pinned post on time to time with another great post.

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I hope this tutorial helped you to learn How to increase Facebook page likes and followers. To get the latest news and updates follow us facebook. If you have any query then please let us know by using comment.


  1. Hi Jamaley,

    Your article great, and I have learned a lot from reading it. I recently setup a Facebook page but have not paid much attention to it. I will try to apply your tips and see how far it goes.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hey Moss,
      Continuously updating your Facebook page content and involve with users give you a huge traffic. Thanks for stopping here.

  2. Hi Jamaley

    Facebook is a very good source of traffic, if you have good following you can keep the good traffic going.
    Do you think is it a good idea to pay FB for likes? What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Ashish,
      Thanks for reading the article, Yes Paid promotion get you unexpected traffic if you have enough content on your FB page and you have to engage continuously you viewers on FB with unique content and post, So they like and share your Post.

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