How to grow a blog Traffic?


As a blogger, I have made many mistakes, learned tons of lessons from them, and worked my little tail feathers off the whole time. While I’ve found plenty of things that didn’t work, I’ve also discovered some strategies that are lit-rally. Today, I’m sharing some of the ways that I’ve been able to grow my blog. I hope they help you, too!

Now let’s get crackin’ on those tips, yes?

Create Good Quality Original Content

The first step to a profit-producing blog is to realize, above everything else, that the key to a sustainable blog and business is to provide good quality original content that will be useful to your audience.

By doing this you’ll be able to build trust with your audience, get free traffic from the search engines, and turn that traffic and trust into sales.

 Start networking with other bloggers on a regular basis

When you start networking, you’ll notice you get more traffic, shares and engagement on your blog.

And once you’ve developed strong relationships with other bloggers, that’s when you can figure out other ways of helping each other.

But, remember – there has to be a mutual benefit.

Schedule your social media posts.

Someone once asked me if I ever sleep because it appears that I’m always on social media talking about my business. Yep, I sleep plenty. My secret weapon? I schedule some of my posts. There are tons of free and paid programs that can help you do this. Therefore, I can schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when I’d otherwise be sleeping or at work.

Be consistent.

I recommend using the same picture for your social media profiles. People may not remember you or put two and two together if they see 5 different pictures of you around the internet. But if you use a similar design all over the place, people WILL notice and eventually, they’ll be curious about who the hell you are.

Answer Questions for Your Audience

The number-one way that we’ve been successful in driving readership to ReelSEO, though I realize this is a bit cliché, is through creating compelling, informative, and unique content. For ReelSEO, we’ve found that the most read and most compelling content usually comes from two sources.

First, we respond to our readers’ requests and often solicit feedback both on and off the site. When a reader reaches out to us to ask for advice, we can often safely assume that all others would be interested in the topic.

Second, we try to write about those things that we (internally) are interested in learning more about but can’t find sufficient information online to address the learning.

Optimize Your Posts for Search

Getting your blog posts to rank on the first page of the SERPs is essential to ensuring your content keeps pulling in visitors long after you hit publish.

There are a number of basic and more advanced SEO tactics you can employ to help push your posts onto the first page of the SERPs, or better yet, into the top 3 positions.


Keyword Research

Keywords can be placed into two categories: short-tail and long-tail.

Short-tail keywords are generally accepted as phrases formed by three or fewer words. Long-tail keywords are phrases containing four or more words.

For obvious reasons, short-tail keywords boast much higher search volumes than long-tail phrases. They’re also much more competitive (although that doesn’t mean you should ignore them and the value they can potentially bring).

Long-tail phrases tend to have very low search volumes – often so low that they won’t appear in popular keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.


Now you’ve got plenty of tactics you can use to grow your audience and some others you can use to keep your audience coming back for more of your content.


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