Hope – A beautiful lie

Hope is a beautiful lie and it requires talent to create it for others.

Without commitment hoping for hope is some kind of joke, yes it is a joke. Hope always goes with hard work, passion, dream and never give up attitude.

“Hope- A beautiful lie” title of this article is not about disbelieving in hope, it is about to believe in it.  Desire to win and Desire to achieve, this type of attitude separates you from others. So, I’m not going to going to motivate you through this article, but I believe that every single life on earth has some faith in hope either we talk about animals, trees or humans all have hope for something. Someone is hoping for food, someone for love.

Suppose if someone is not doing anything for their love and only hoping that somebody, someone becomes mine, how is it possible. A miracle happens sometimes but not all the time like movies, So you have to for it, you have to approach and express to your loved one what you feel. Thus might work or not it’s all about Hope. That’s why I called it – Hope a beautiful lie. How much effort you put into what you want, your result tells you that.

Beauty words always put smile on one’s face because the word itself will grateful to us.

A lie that opens many doors in life. A lie that always gives us to challenge to battle with any situation in every movement of life. Life is a journey and Hope is the fuel, So travel as much as you want, with no restriction but when you leave the hope your journey suddenly stoped in one place.

Fire in us is always bringing the smoke of energy help to know the self-worth.

So never let go the hope from life, work with it, make hope real, nothing is fictional all we have to do is believe in it.

No long talk, Just expressing the feeling. Hope You enjoy it. let me know the feelings hope for life

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