Hidden Gems in India


Adalaj stepwell in Gujrat is one of those historical monuments and structures, which force people to marvel at the hidden treasures of India and its culture. A beautifully chiseled step well, Adalaj is counted amongst the finest architectural structures of Gujarat.


13 Arch Bridge, Kerala

The 13 Arch Bridge of Kerala is located in Kazhathuruthi in the Kollam district. This architectural marvel is a sight to behold. Constructed over a century ago with just rocks, the 13 Arch is also an architectural marvel.


Jhatingri, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is a popular tourist destination but this little abode is situated five kilometers from Ghatasni on way to Barot. The hill town is completely unspoiled and is perfect for those who don’t make/like a lot of noise.



Away from Chopta, Auli and Nainital is Haldwani, surrounded by dense forests and Gaula River. The rough terrain in and near Haldwani are ideal for trekking and hiking. The trails offer amazing views of the valley as well as the Himalayas. The scenic beauty of the mountains around Haldwani is guaranteed to please every photographer.


Idukki, Kerala

One of the most beautiful districts hidden away from mad tourist crowds. But what it is an absolutely scenic drive through forest with signs telling you to watch out for elephants by the side of the road.


Nicobar Islands

Unlike the Andamans, the Nicobar Islands are untouched and pristine. The forests are lush and the beaches are surreal beyond explanation. However, foreigners would require passes to enter the Islands and no visitor is allowed to enter the tribal belts unless for some special purposes like research. And even for that one will have to go through rigorous formalities. This is a one of a kind destination.



 An enchanting town in the heart of NC Hills in Assam, Haflong faces major hindrance in its tourism sector by militants of various terrorist organizations. It is heartbreaking that you are not allowed to visit as this is one of the most spellbinding and unbelievable places in India. It is magnificent and definitely a sight to behold. Do you wish you could go here? You’re not alone!


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