Beautiful places in India you are not allowed to visit

Barren Island, Andaman

Located in the Andaman Sea, Barren Island is home to the Barren volcano – the only active volcano in South Asia. The island is barred to tourists owing to safety restrictions, and one would need the permission of the Forest Department in order to set foot on it. The island is uninhabited and secluded, with crystal clear ocean water surrounding it. It is home to species like rodents, birds, and flying foxes and has significantly less vegetation due to the volcanic eruptions. The hot lava at the mouth of the volcano can be seen from ships at a safe distance from the island, which further increases our curiosity.

2. Silent Valley National Park

Due to a recent Maoist attack at silent valley national park Kerala, there has been a considerable decline in the tourist influx. The tropical evergreen forests of the national park are bestowed with unspoilt natural beauty. You will be amazed by the beauty of this place. This is one of the most stunning prohibited places in India. 


 An enchanting town in the heart of NC Hills in Assam, Haflong faces major hindrance in its tourism sector by militants of various terrorist organisations. It is heartbreaking that you are not allowed to visit as this is one of the most spellbinding and unbelievable places in India. It is magnificent and definitely a sight to behold. Do you wish you could go here? You’re not alone!

 Nicobar Islands

Unlike the Andamans, the Nicobar Islands are untouched and pristine. The forests are lush and the beaches are surreal beyond explanation. However, foreigners would require passes to enter the Islands and no visitor is allowed to enter the tribal belts unless for some special purposes like research. And even for that one will have to go through rigorous formalities. This is a one of a kind destination.

Foreigner only beaches in Goa and Pondicherry

Goa and Pondicherry are two of the most sought-after coastal tourist spots in India. Both regions witness enormous tourist traffic owing to their serene beaches and beautiful tourist attraction. However, both these places are known to have particular beaches that are ‘restricted’ to Indian citizens. In Pondicherry, these are certain elite beaches that have intricate French and Indian architectures. Despite being lawfully on Indian property, and owned by the Tourism ministry, these beaches continue to remain out of bounds for Indians

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