7 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

7 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

So you have a desire to start a blog?  If the answer is yes then you should read

Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

Nowadays anyone can start a blog in few simple and easy steps. As per current scenario, blogging is an incredible marketing tool and even a great source of income. So if you want to become a successful blogger you have to set up your mind for that.However, if you would like to build a successful and profitable blog, you need to set yourself in the right direction with passion.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe,

then you’ll be successful Eric Thomas

So here are the Seven things you should know before starting a blog or blogging career.

Identify your niche

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Nowadays everything is on the internet, what you want .. Just google it and .. here we go. Your answer is in front of you. So, It is crucial to decide what you write about and stay focused on that niche. There are already a lot of blogs. you have to make your blog stand out from the crowd.choose the topic which is suitable for you means if you good at, Cooking you go for it and write some recipe, make a video, if you are traveler then write for it, make a video. let people for exploring. Means, “if you want then you will”  if you are doing you will obviously succeed

Define your target audience, Who is going to read your blog? Identify their needs, interests, and concerns, Get a clear answer to the following question. It will help you come up with good topics to write about.

Content is Boss

Content is the soul of any blog and every blogger should have enough quality content on their blog, if you write an article about 200 words with uninformative knowledge which has no use it will go waste, no one want to read your article because that article not leaving an impression on them. Quantity matters to increase and maintain your traffic, but you should still focus on quality over quantity.

Basic HTML

You are going to start a blog in a great time when HTML and CSS knowledge is no longer necessary for everyone thanks to the powerful blogging platforms.You have to do the only customization as per your choice without touching a single piece of code.

But still, a basic understanding of HTML (and CSS)  can surely help professional bloggers and non-tech marketers. Once you are familiar with these ones you have a right to customize your theme, article or even for your blog error.

If you want to learn these skills you can easily start learning online for free. W3School  

Active on Social

Assume you write a very good post with very good information and many people get benefits from that article but the big question is How they Know about your article? So, It is not enough to write a great post and wait for people to find it. While your blog is new, nobody will find your articles through search engines. Then how can you get traffic? You need to be proactive, So get Socialize.

One of the best ways and grabbing way to get noticed is to use social media to promote your posts. Find the group of your niche and share your post on the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so many platforms are available for sharing.

Know Basic SEO

Knowing basic search engine optimization (SEO) is a very effective way to drive traffic to your blog. SEO is very complicated but even knowing a few small tips that can make a huge blast in your blogging career.

You can check visit here for SEO learning you will get some amazing guide. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Headlines are everything

If you spend 60% time working on your headlines and 40% of your time writing your content, then your post never let you down. It will get huge traffic on your post.

This is because, without a good headline, Who is going to see your blog post anyway.

So, focus on producing the best headlines possible for your posts.

Up to date with New Information

If you want to stay exist in the world of Blogging and content writing then you should UPDATE with new information, So you need to gain more knowledge.

  • Read books.
  • Watch TED talks.
  • Read or watch new product launching
  • System Documentation
  • Read the answers on Quora


At the starting you will find some difficulty in writing but when you write on regular basis that time you unlocked your jackpot.I hope you find this article helpful to prepare yourself for taking the first step starting a blog.


  1. Hi Jamaley,

    Great points you brought out in this article. For me I’m still struggling with HTML and CSS, which is why the W3School link at the button of that section is a goldmine.

    I also like the idea of keeping up-to-date. You can only accomplish that by reading a lot. And as you read, you make notes of essence points you can you in your writing or to update previous articles.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Moss,
      I’m glad to see you here. Yes, keep updating your post is good habit and it useful to your user whenever user search a particular data they always want fresh.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hey Jamaley

    Very nice and in-depth article. It is important to have up to date knowledge. Because as a creator it is our responsibility to show the actual facts. In the ear of fake news, people need something trustworthy.
    Keep up the good work 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Bhawna,
      Yes, When Visitor get genuine content which help them, ofcourse they come back to your blog for searching new and useful content. Thanks for stopping and commenting here.

  3. Hi Jamaley! How are you? Great points you got here. One of the reason why most newbie bloggers failed in blogging and end up quitting is because they made a wrong start.

    When starting a blog they need to choose the right niche for them that will truly love even there is no benefit coming back as long they enjoy that topic is already enough be make a difference. Because blogging without the foundation is passion will not get you anywhere.

    So I agree with your points jamaley your post is on the right track.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I’m doing great and hope you are also doing fantastic, Yup ! in the field of blogging if you have passion and patience then no one will stop. Starting a blog with correct guidance is always helpful and apart from this regular learning (Content | SEO ) is work like an fuel in your content.

      Thanks for your valuable feedback. keep visiting. 🙂

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